top-notch team, behind the scenes

We are a hard-working, tenacious and experienced team that believes in the power of people more than anything else. Here, we focus on the magic of relationships, where regardless of age or experience, we join forces to ensure the success of our clients and thereby ours. We refrain from force-fitting anybody to a client’s need, and instead use our ‘recruiter’s instinct’ to focus on choosing the right talent for the right company. We firmly believe in people and their ability to have a lasting effect on the world – just like what we hope to do here, at Xpheno!


Siddharth Verma

Direct Hire


Siddharth’s forte is Leadership hiring across Consumer and Retail sectors. At Xpheno he has shouldered the responsibility of establishing a specialist recruiting division focussed on Life Sciences and Consumer Industries. In his earlier stints, Siddharth worked at a reputed boutique search firm and a large European staffing company. He is an MBA from Kirloskar Institute of Management, and a Masters in Economics.

Gallup’s Strength Finder has assessed Siddharth’s top 5 themes as Context, Ideation, Deliberation, Intellection and Input. These strategic traits will be of huge relevance when he consults with clients on their talent strategy.

Shafi Rehman

Engineering Services


Shafi will grow the Engineering Recruitment Specialisation at Xpheno. Shafi has 15 years of experience in Leadership hiring. He previously worked with leading search and staffing firms, and recruited talented engineers for marquee brands. He specialises in recruitment of Automotive, Infrastructure and Real Estate sectors. He is an alumnus of Bangalore University.

Gallup’s Strength Finder has assessed Shafi’s top 5 themes as Relator, Activator, Empathy, Arranger and Consistency. This combination of Relationship and Execution will positively impact his customers’ Engineering talent strategy.

Sundar Eshwar

IT Staffing


Sundar’s 16 years of IT Industry experience has been in Client Engagement and Delivery Management. During his stints with large staffing companies he enabled deployment of niche technology professionals for high-impact projects. Bangalore University is his alma mater.

Gallup’s Strength Finder has assessed Sundar’s top 5 themes as Responsibility, Activator, Focus, Input and Relator. These execution skills will enable his IT Customers to optimise their IT Staffing strategy.

Jayashree Prasad

Sales Staffing


Jayashree has over 15+ years of experience in the HR Outsourcing and Media industries. Her prior experience has been with two of the largest staffing companies in India. Her expertise in labour laws, technology-process interface and large staffing operations management will be of value to Xpheno’s customers. She is an MBA from Bangalore University and FPM Scholar, XLRI, Jamshedpur.

Gallup’s Strength Finder has assessed Jayashree’s top 5 themes as Learner, Restorative, Relator, Input and Responsibility. These Strategic Thinking and Execution skills will add value to her Flexi Staffing Customers to maximise returns from their talent.

Prasadh M S



​Prasadh has 18 years of experience in building technology platforms for Staffing and Recruitment Firms. He spearheaded the first integrated finance & staffing technology platform built in Staffing Industry. He has been part of many niche staffing and CRM solutions MaFoi-Randstad built internationally over that period. He brings in his experience in international consulting and solution development in HR Tech, EduTech & e-Learning, Oil & Gas domains.

At Xpheno, Prasadh’s mandate is to increase customer experience and efficiency through Technology.

Chethan Jain



​Chethan is comfortable making new relationships and naturally has spent his entire career in Sales. At Xpheno Chethan has taken the responsibility of building new Staffing relationships in Chennai. Prior to Xpheno he worked with India’s two leading Staffing companies. His earlier 15 year sales journey ​have been with some major MNC FMCG & Large Indian companies​.​

Chethan​ is an MBA from Bangalore University.​ Gallup’s Strength Finder lists Chethan’s 5 signature themes as Strategic, Analytical, Relator, Learner and Responsibility. Xpheno Chennai hopes to benefit his execution cum Strategic skills in building our Chennai Staffing Business.

Faiz Nomani

Mumbai & Hyderabad


Customer relationship and management are Faiz’s unique abilities. At Xpheno Faiz will focus on building key customer relationships in Mumbai and Hyderabad Region​. Over the last 12 years Faiz has gained valuable expertise through his stints at Global Staffing Brands and entrepreneural firms based across Mumbai, NCR and Hyderabad regions.

Gallup’s Strength Finder has assessed Faiz’s Top themes as Achiever, Belief, Relator, Responsibility and Competition. Xpheno hopes to benefit from his relationship and execution skills to build its specialist practises in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Yogesh Sharma



​Yogesh brings 18 years of Staffing Experience which has a mix of India and Canada in it. His core strengths are in customer relationships and IT Staffing. His past experience includes building IT Staffing businesses at QuessCorp, Adecco, Artech and Collabera.

At Xpheno, Yogesh would provide leadership in the NCR region and build IT Staffing business across India.